Retractable Fall Arrester 10 M Helixon-S Wire Rope

Code: FA2040210

 HELIXON-S wire rope, retractable fall arrester 10 m

Robust & durable polymer casing, equipped with:
a carrying handle,
a wire rope-cleaning brush,
a window, that can be easily removed for reaching the internal mechanism, in order to inspect it without totally opening the casing.

- Comes with Galvanized Steel Wire Rope of diam 4.8 mm, having:
  1. a connector ref. FA 50 203 20 with load indicator,
  2. a gripping handle,
  3. an external energy absorber.
- Internal braking mechanism to reduce the fall arrest force to less than 6 kN.
- Swivel and FA 50 101 17 connector at anchorage end.
- Weight: 4.82 kg.

Compliance: EN 360:2002, VG11.060.
Minimum breaking strength > 12 kN.
Approved for a user with a max. weight of 140 kg in vertical use and in horizontal use.

- HS Code : 84798997
Delivered with a cord (FA 20 904 10) for guiding the winding back of the wire rope.
CodeMaximum User Weight (Horizontal Use)Maximum User Weight (Vertical Use)StockPrice
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