On-Site Asset Management

Online Certifcation and Documentation System 

Prolift’s RFID system is designed for use with all lifting and material handling equipment. Our innovative system offers various sorting and filtering criteria and allows the user to generate a high quality pdf reports based on the chosen criteria. 

Prolift's lifting equipment inspectors have the facility to attach a barcode to each item and use PDA Scanners to carry out on-site inspections. At the completion of the inspection the data is simply uploaded when the inspector returns to base. 

The time lapse in waiting for reports and the need for paper reports is eliminated, the Tech Inspect register is always available on-line and in most cases is live the the moment our engineers upload the information on their PDA’s. At Prolift Handling Ltd we offer all of our customer’s free access to our internet based test certificate system which enable access to reports and test certificates 24/7.

Some of the other features of our system include:

    • All certs and reports are stored in PDF format.
    • Our new feature allows the customer to view when an item is due for inspection
    • There is a search function available for quick search by item, serial number or description  
    • We can save our customer’s reports in any format they wish, by site, by product or by division etc

    For more information please contact the office on 01-4584836 or email info@prolift.ie. To access certs please use the 'Online Cert Login ' tab located on the top of the screen to the right.

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