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Welcome to our new Lifting and Height Safety Training Division. As Ireland's leading provider of lifting, material handling, and height safety equipment we now offer training and safety courses all under one roof. 

As industry leaders in the Lifting industry we don't just offer training in lifting as an add-on; we specialize in it! Prolift are part of the Pewag Group who are the largest manufacturer of chain and chain components in Europe – This enables us to also offer training from the manufacturers prospective incorporating in manufacturers guidelines, which is vital for the operative when using lifting equipment.

Our team of expert trainers brings a combined experience of over 60 years, providing unparalleled insights into the day-to-day realities of safe lifting and material handling.
Our courses are designed to be relevant and practical, drawing on our extensive hands-on experience to ensure that participants gain the skills and knowledge they need to operate safely and efficiently. Prolift are  ISO 19001 certified and full members of LEEA, we uphold the highest standards in training, offering you peace of mind that you are receiving the best education in the industry. Join us to benefit from the expertise of true lifting experts and enhance your operational safety and efficiency with our specialized training programs.

Our Trainers

Our training division is led by a team of highly experienced professionals who bring decades of industry-specific knowledge and expertise to every course.

Darragh Hickey
With 20 years of experience in the lifting and material handling industry, Darragh Hickey is a fully qualified service engineer and a professional trainer. His deep understanding of the field, combined with supplier and manufacturer accreditations, ensures that participants receive training that is both comprehensive and relevant to current industry standards.

Eddie McQuillan
Eddie McQuillan brings a remarkable 40 years of industry-specific experience to our training team. As a fully qualified service engineer, professional trainer, and an expert in both electrical and mechanical engineering, Eddie offers a wealth of knowledge. Additionally, he is a fully qualified rigger , providing trainees with the highest level of expertise and practical insight.

Together, Darragh and Eddie form a dynamic team dedicated to delivering training programs that equip participants with the skills and confidence needed for safe and effective equipment operation.

Current Available Courses

We offer a comprehensive range of training courses designed to meet the diverse needs of our Customers. Our courses are tailored to provide practical, hands-on experience and are led by industry experts with extensive knowledge in their respective fields. Below is a list of our current available courses:

  • Introduction to Gantry Cranes and Lifting Accessories Level 1 (1 Day)
This introductory course covers the basics of gantry cranes and lifting accessories, providing participants with essential knowledge and skills for safe operation and handling.

  • Gantry Crane Operator Level 2 (1 Day)
Building on the Level 1 course, this advanced training focuses on the operational aspects of gantry cranes, ensuring operators are proficient in using the equipment safely and effectively.

  • Safe Use of Lifting Accessories (1/2 Day)
This half-day course is designed to teach participants the correct and safe methods for using various lifting accessories, enhancing workplace safety and efficiency.

  • Safe Use of Safety Lifelines (1/2 Day)
Participants will learn the proper use and maintenance of safety lifelines, crucial for ensuring safety when working at heights.

  • Working at Height Awareness (1/2 Day)
This course raises awareness about the hazards associated with working at heights and provides practical guidance on how to minimize risks and ensure safety.

  • MEWP – Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (1 Day)
This comprehensive course covers the safe operation of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs), including practical training on various types of MEWPs used in the industry.

  • Safe Use of Safety Lifelines – (1/2 Day)
Similar to the previous lifeline course, this session focuses on ensuring participants are well-versed in the correct use of safety lifelines to prevent accidents and injuries while working at heights.

  • Product Specific Training
We offer tailored training programs that focus on specific products or equipment used in your operations. These customized courses ensure that your team is fully competent in using the specific tools and machinery relevant to your business.

Our training programs are designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations, providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in your role. Join us to advance your expertise and ensure the highest standards of safety in your workplace.

Certified Results

We are committed to ensuring that our trainees receive the highest standard of training and certification. Our certification process is designed to provide clear, detailed documentation of the training completed, along with valuable resources for future reference. Here’s what you can expect:

Individual Certificates: Upon passing the exam, each trainee will receive an individual certificate, validating their expertise and successful completion of the course.

Detailed Training Documentation: Trainees will be supplied with a comprehensive document outlining the training undertaken, ensuring a clear understanding of the skills and knowledge acquired.

Training Booklet: Where applicable, participants will receive a booklet related to the training, offering additional insights and practical guidance.

Online Portal Storage: All training certificates will be stored in PDF format via our online portal and will be available to download online for the candidates. This ensures easy access and secure storage of your certification records.

Renewal Notifications: We will notify you when your training is due for renewal, helping you stay compliant and up-to-date with industry standards.

Note: All participants must have a good level of English to ensure they can fully engage with the training material and successfully complete the course

Our Consultancy Services

In addition to our training programs, we offer comprehensive consultancy services to enhance the safety and efficiency of your lifting operations. Our team of experts provides tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your business. Here’s what we offer:

On-site Review of Lifting Applications: We conduct thorough on-site reviews of your current lifting practices and equipment, ensuring they meet industry standards and are optimized for safety and efficiency.

Detailed Report with Recommendations: Following our review, we provide a detailed report with actionable recommendations to improve your lifting operations, helping you identify and mitigate potential risks.

Development of Application-Specific Lift Plans and MSRA: We develop customized lift plans and Machine Safety Risk Assessments (MSRA) tailored to your specific applications, ensuring safe and efficient operations.

Creation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):
Our team assists in developing clear and concise Standard Operating Procedures for specific lifts, promoting consistent and safe practices across your organization.

Safety Audits: We perform comprehensive safety audits to identify potential hazards and ensure compliance with industry regulations, helping you maintain a safe working environment.

Accident Investigation and Reporting: In the event of an incident, we conduct thorough accident investigations and provide detailed reports, identifying root causes and recommending measures to prevent future occurrences.

Our consultancy services are designed to provide you with expert guidance and support, ensuring the highest standards of safety and operational excellence in your lifting and material handling operations.

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