Lifting Equipment Inspections

Lifting and Height Safety Equipment Inspections

Prolift offer a full range of on-site lifting and height safety equipment inspection along with LOLER testing services to ensure your lifting gear adheres to the strict regulations. We strive to prolong the lifetime of your lifting equipment and minimise the inconvenience and costliness of downtime. 

Our fully qualified engineers are experienced and qualified to carry out the statutory lifting equipment examinations of all types of lifting gear and provide the mandatory test certification.

LOLER Testing Services:

LOLER stands for the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations. These regulations were put in place to ensure the safe use of lifting equipment in various industries. LOLER inspections are an essential part of complying with these regulations.
LOLER inspections involve the examination and thorough testing of lifting equipment to ensure it is safe to use. The inspections are carried out by competent individuals who are certified by competent authority to perform the thorough testing. All our Service Engineers are certified by LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) and  have the necessary expertise and knowledge to assess the equipment's condition and identify any potential safety issues.

The LOLER inspections cover a wide range of lifting equipment, including cranes, forklifts, hoists, lifting accessories, and any other equipment used for lifting loads. The inspections assess factors such as the equipment's design, construction, installation, and maintenance. They also focus on factors that could affect the equipment's safe operation, including overloading, stability, and structural integrity. The LOLER inspections in Ireland are conducted at regular intervals, which are determined based on factors such as the type of equipment, its usage, and the level of risk involved. The frequency of inspections can vary, but typically they are carried out at least once a year. However, more frequent inspections may be required for equipment that is subject to heavy use or used in high-risk environments.

During the LOLER inspection, the competent person examines the lifting equipment and assesses its condition. They may carry out a range of tests, such as load testing, non-destructive testing, and visual inspections. If any defects or issues are identified, they will be documented, and recommendations for repairs or maintenance will be made.

It is important for businesses and organisations in Ireland to comply with LOLER regulations and ensure that their lifting equipment is regularly inspected. Non-compliance can lead to legal consequences, as well as the risk of accidents, injuries, or damage to property.

Lifting Equipment Inspection & Testing Services Provided Include:

  • LOLER Inspections
  • Lifting Gear Examination
  • On Site Lifting Equipment Testing
  • Proof Load Testing (our workshop is fitted with calibrated load testing facilities up to 200 ton)
  • Test Certification Management service.
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) of Lifting Equipment 

Our team can help create and deliver written schemes of examinations to develop a lifting gear inspection programme by assessing risk and introducing extended inspection intervals.

We provide professional, helpful advice on any technical or legislative requirements for lifting equipment testing to ensure you are always compliant with the ever changing legislation in the industry

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