Business Sectors

Our products are an important part of manufacturing, construction, energy sector, fishing industry water treatment and pharmaceutical. Prolift Handling are a main lifting equipment supplier for many of the world’s leading manufacturers including Kito, Verlinde, Gunnebo, Tractel, Pramac, Juli and Pewag. Each one of the manufacturers we deal with is carefully selected to cover a broad range of business sectors on their product offerings.

Every business sector has their own unique challenges and this is where the products Prolift supply are unique as they are specifically designed and targeted at specific business sectors. For example we supply Gunnebo chain and chain components for the construction industry, as from experience chain and chain components used in this sector are generally used heavily. Thus, there is a need to be built to last! 

Being an official distributor for Verlinde products in Ireland and UK we cover all sectors for manual and electric lifting equipment. Verlinde manufacture products are targeted at construction, offshore, water treatment, pharmaceutical and explosion proof environments.

Whatever your lifting and material handling requirement is, and whatever environment or sector that you may be in, Prolift lifting equipment suppliers, will have the solution for you.


Prolift supply lifting and material handling equipment suitable for the Pharmaceutical / Medical industry, including stainless steel and EX Rated unit. Our products are designed, so that they can be adjusted, to the individual user and application. Our product offering to the pharmaceutical sector include electric and pneumatic hoists, spreader beams, swings jibs and crane systems, harness equipment and material handling equipment. As stated above we offer clean room and ATEX rated lifting equipment to suit all environments. We also carry out inspections, tests and repairs on all lifting and handling equipment.


The backbone and foundation of the industrialised world is its competence and capability to make manufacturing costs effective and efficient. We are proud to be in the frontline to equip industries around Europe with new innovations to make strong improvements towards lean production. We offer specialised products to the food industry including belt hoist, clean room lifting and material handling equipment along with stainless steel lifting equipment. Our service division also carries out inspections, testing and repairs of lifting and material handling equipment as well as offering service contracts and an emergency break down service.


Prolift also deal with the all the leading companies in the energy sector including ESB Networks and Bord Na Mona. We have developed lifting and handling products to meet the stringent requirements of the energy industry for many years. The working conditions are tough and products have to be able to sustain extreme conditions. Regardless if it is wind, oil, coal or nuclear energy we will supply a product range that will be designed towards their special characteristics and demands. We also offer a range of products specifically made for use in the Offshore Business.The majority of these products follow the requirements of DNV Standard for container lifting and lifting applications (DNV 2.7-1 and DNV Lifting appliances). These standards are common within the offshore industry and specify the product performance and how the products should be tested.


At Prolift Handling Ltd we also offer a full range of lifting and handling equipment to suit the construction industry. Products targeted at this industry include chain slings, lifting hooks, shackles, webslings, and harness equipment. The introduction of GrabiQ resulted in the most flexible sling system in the world and with FlexiLeg we bring lifting to a new and higher level where the user can safely configure the sling on site to suit his current need. This is a concept with a purpose. We also carry out inspections, tests and repairs on all lifting equipment including rigging equipment, height safety equipment and plant machinery. Prolift Handling Ltd Ireland is also the sole distributor for GKD products in Ireland. We specialise in the supply and installation of electronic safety systems for the rail and construction industry. Our core products are sophisticated rated capacity indicators, Height Control systems and Incline monitoring for off highway vehicles in the Construction industry. We have also recently launched an innovative long range RFID based Proximity Warning system designed to enhance pedestrian safety and reduce the incidence of collisions between vehicles and pedestrians in the workplace and on-site.

Fishing Industry

Prolift Handling Ltd are one of the leading lifting equipment suppliers to the fishing industry and are a distributor for Gunnebo products. Prolift are able to offer an extensive range of lifting equipment and lashing products which are tailor made for the fishing industry. Gunnebo has been the fishermen’s best friend for many years with Gunnebo products excelling at toughest of jobs in the most extreme environments decade after decade.The products we offer are designed to meet the specific demand from trawlers around the world. Our experience is that Gunnebo products will always be chosen when safety and quality comes first. Products we supply to the fishing industry include Gunnebo midlink and longlink chain (yellow painted or galvanised) along with wire rop, hammerlocks, shackles swivels and hooks. While being Gunnebo distributors we also offer an economy range of equipment targeted at the fishing industry for our customers who are more price conscious. 

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