TAWI Overhead Bridge Crane

Code: POA-WEB86

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The Tawi overhead cranes are adapted for specific customer requirements, securing optimal suspension of lifters and ideal workflow for every business. Aluminium and steel profiles, Custom made systems integrated in your facilities, Complete solutions for efficient lifting. The overheard crane systems can be used to lift metal, sacks, sheets and wood.

Model Types Available include 

  • Low Built Cranes - A low built system offers maximal lifting height in facilities with limited ceiling height. 
  • Rail Profiles - Simple installations, patented self-adjusting joints, superior ergonomics and easy operation with aluminum or steel profiles. 
  • Telescopic Cranes - A telescopic crane system offers limitless possibilities to reach areas that would otherwise not be possible to reach. Ideal for facilities with limited space, low headroom, or to reach and pick up goods inside pallet racks. 
  • Floor Mounted Cranes - The optimal solution when the ceiling construction is not strong enough to hold the crane system. 
  • Double Girder Cranes - The triangular construction of a double girder system ensures stable operations, handling up to 1 500 kilos. 
  • Single Girder Cranes - The rectangular work space of a single girder crane system offers optimal flexibility in all types of production. 
  • Monorail and Curves - Our monorails are the most cost-efficient choice when work is performed along one line. 45° curve modules can be added to optimize the system for your production line. 

For more information please see the downloads below or enquire online and our sales team will be in touch.

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