Pewag Levo Hook LH

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The Pewag Levo hook LH stands for a new generation of lifting devices. Thanks to its powerful features, the process of releasing loads is automated. It is supporting operators in difficult working conditions, for instance when working at height or in hazardous conditions. In a professional context, operator safety should be the top priority at all times. The pewag levo hook LH makes this a reality: Operated by radio control, the rotatable lifting hook gets perfect grip straight away and releases the load without manual assistance.

Manual process steps such as attaching and releasing hooks require a great deal of time and resources. Automation is a way around it – and that‘s where Pewag Levo can help.

The Pewag Levo hook LH is the all-in-one solution for efficient work processes, safe working methods and satisfied employees. The use of the TÜV-certified Levo hook reduces the throughput time of a work cycle while increasing the safety for the user and the load at the same time.

Key Features:
  • 100 % safe: (ISO 13849) Accidental opening of the Levo hook under load is not possible, secured communication between the hook and remote control, Safety factor against break: 4:1
  • Top Pewag quality: Patented tool-free locking of the rotation lock, tool-free initial mounting, TÜV-certified, Pewag know-how.
  • Cost and time savings: Up to 8,000 operating cycles without a break, hook opens and closes within 2.5 seconds.
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