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ZoneSafe Personnel Electronic Distancing Device (PEDD)

Maintain and keep safe working distances between workers and staff to reduce contact risks

Distancing guidelines means you must maintain a safe working distance between workers. These guidelines are in place to reduce the risk of person to person contact for health and safety reasons.

ZoneSafe’s Personnel Electronic Distancing Device or PEDD is an electronic proximity system to reduce person-to-person contact and help workers maintain distancing guidelines.

Each worker wears a ZoneSafe PEDD, which creates a detection zone around itself. When a device identifies another device within its detection zone, an alert from both devices is activated, indicating there is a risk of contact. The warning from each device will cease when devices no longer breach the minimum exceeded threshold. 

The PEDD system emits both vibration and visual signal when integrated into hi-visibility workwear with embedded LED’s.
The system is particularly useful in industrial applications where distancing measures are required. The PEDD system encourages spatial awareness and helps workers to maintain a greater distance from each other while carrying out their work.

Help maintain social distancing on site and enquire online today about this new innovative, protective equipment. Protect People, Save Lives. 

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