Industrial Manipulator Sliding Hanging Model MPS

Code: POA-WEB163

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The abbreviation MPS is used to identify the SLIDING HANGING version manipulators. The machine is suspended by means of a trolley and a runway to a suitably sized metal structure in order to support the load of the manipulator and thus make the manipulator work area completely free.The advantage of being suspended and being able to slide in a runway allows the coverage of a particularly high surface and to serve more workstations. All with a clutter-free layout and thus make the most of the work area. The suspension trolleys can be manually operated or always pneumatically motorized in order to reduce the effort made by the operator to a minimum. Designed and built to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of reliability and ergonomics, our machines are subjected to mechanical stress and repeated stress tests before being placed on the market.

The column manipulators can have capacities ranging from 20 kg to 600 kg, and a working radius that varies from a minimum of 2000mm to a maximum of 4000mm. The vertical excursion is adjustable and adaptable to the characteristics that the movement of a certain product within a certain area requires. The machines are equipped with pneumatic parking brakes that are normally closed which help the operator to stop the machine during the movement and avoid uncontrolled drifts of the manipulator in the absence of air supply. The safety of the operators who use it is guaranteed by a series of applications that intervene directly and indirectly.

Nothing is left to chance....A series of GRIP TOOLS can be applied to the MPS manipulators which, interfaced with the pneumatic logic of the Manipulator, make it possible to move the most varied products. Each Gripping Tool is designed and built considering the coupling to the machine that will suspend it.

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