Container Unloader For Efficient Container Unloading

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 A Container Unloader is a specialised material handling equipment designed for the efficient and safe removal of goods and cargo from shipping containers or similar confined spaces. It utilises a combination of advanced lifting technologies, such as robotic arms and conveyor systems, to handle and transfer items from the container to a designated location, typically within a warehouse or distribution center. The primary purpose of a Container Unloader is to streamline the unloading process, increasing productivity, reducing the risk of injuries, and optimizing the use of available space within the facility. It is especially valuable for handling heavy or bulky items that would be challenging for manual labor alone.

Our Container Unloader from Tawi can improve efficiency and safety in various important operations, such as unloading containers and sortation. It’s revolutionising warehouse logistics because it’s ideal for tight spaces like trucks and shipping containers.

  • Mobile battery powered device
  • Lifting capacity <50 kg
  • Adjustable conveyor belt

Adaptability and Improved Safety with the Container Unloader

The Container Unloader addresses warehouse and distribution centres’ lifting needs by solving the lifting challenges with its mobility and adaptability to fit different operations.

  • Flexible modular system -can unload items to the conveyer belt or a pallet. The conveyer belt can be placed to the left, center, or right spot behind the platform.
  • Fully mobile - has wheels and a battery-powered system that makes it easy to drive around to different doors or sites, which makes it an asset for the entire facility.
  • Integrated ergonomic vacuum lift- it can lift items up to 50 kg. and is a one-handed operation that allows operator to grip items from any angle as well as rotate them. Also, it’s on a mast that can be raised or lowered and on an arm that allows it to move side-to-side and forwards/backwards to help operators reach items.
  • Mobile conveyor belt- can adjust upwards, downwards, inwards and outwards for improved reach and ergonomics.
  • Safe operator platform - it can be raised or lowered to give the user optimal reach, has safety rails that can moved into position behind the operator, and has a built-in stabilizing system to help when traveling over inclines.

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