Lifting and Transporting Heavy Rolls Using Tawi Lifting Solutions

Wednesday 1st February 2023

lifting trolley

How Lifting Trolleys from Tawi Improved productivity and Employee wellbeing:

Clarebout, producer of pre-fried and frozen potato products, have invested in their employee’s health and wellbeing. At their production site in Belgium,

TAWI ergonomic lifting solutions are used at several work stations to handle big and heavy rolls. The lifting equipment makes it possible for one employee to lift 80 kg rolls from pallets and transport them into packaging machines, all without putting any harmful strain on their bodies.

One person can lift and transport 80 kg rolls, effortlessly

In the packaging process, Clarebout employees lift the large and heavy film rolls from pallets, stacked vertically in two layers. They tilt them from vertical to a horizontal position and then transport the rolls to packaging machines where the fries are filled in bags, closed and sorted for further supply. 80 kg rolls are not easy to lift, tilt and transport in an ergonomic and time efficient way, but TAWI lifting equipment has made this possible.

Optimized work flow and ergonomics

By combining different lift systems from TAWI, Clarebout was able to get a complete solution for handling rolls. Ergonomically, safely and efficiently. To optimize the work flow, a hoist lift is used for lifting the rolls from pallets, tilting them and placing them horizontally on a lifting trolley. The lifting trolley is then used to transport and mount the rolls into the packaging machine. The two lift systems from TAWI work together seamlessly to ensure a time efficient and ergonomic work flow.

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