Discover How Lifting Trolleys Transformed Manual Lifts into Efficient Operations

Creating a More Sustainable Process with TAWI Wheel Lift

Bilia is one of Europe’s leading car dealers, with approximately 160 facilities and 5,000 employees spread across Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg and Belgium. They provide a unique offering within new and used car sales, spare parts and store sales, service and repair workshops, wheels and car glass, and supplementary services.

Bilia Sisjön sought a vacuum lifting solution to make it easier for their operators to stack heavy car wheels, reducing manual labour, before moving them from storage to the service and repair workshop. Lifting car wheels can take a toll on the body. The strain on the back and arms can be immense, and if done incorrectly, it can lead to injuries.

Recognizing this challenge, Martin Ståhl, Automotive Parts Manager at Bilia Sisjön, decided it was time to invest in their staff. He started searching for a lifting aid that could help lift wheels ergonomically, reduce the strain on their employees, and create a more sustainable process that would last them for years to come. After researching various options, Bilia Sisjön invested in the TAWI wheel lifting trolley.

"The great benefits that my team and I experience from using the wheel lift from TAWI are undeniable; we can do our work simply and ergonomically, saving our physical and mental well-being. As a result, our workday has now significantly improved."

Martin Ståhl
Automotive Parts Manager at Bilia Sisjön

Bilia Sisjön removes manual lifts using a lifting trolley from TAWI

On a typical production day, Bilia Sisjön dispatches an average of 20-30 cars. Each tyre and rim combination weighs approximately 20-25 kg, resulting in roughly 120 kg of wheels per car. This adds up to Bilias’ staff transporting 3000 kg of wheels between the service and repair workshop.

Before using any lifting aid for car wheels, the process was to manually pull out a pallet and place it in the middle of the floor. Next, they lifted two wheels using a small manual cart, then lifted the remaining two wheels manually to create a stack of four wheels before taking the cart to the workshop.

Using a TAWI lifting trolley, Bilia Sisjön could eliminate all manual lifts of wheels from the process. When stacking the last two wheels on the manual cart, they instead used the wheel lifter, removing 100% of the manual lifting movement. The TAWI lifting trolley also enables Bilia Sisjöns staff to lift two wheels at once effortlessly.

In addition, the TAWI wheel lifter is lifting equipment that Martin Ståhl and his team can rely on for years to come, providing them with a long-term solution that helps them create a more sustainable process.


Reliable and robust Wheel Lifting Equipment

The wheel lifter from TAWI is an electric lifting trolley fully customised to handle wheels. It has a clamping tool that grips the wheel from the outside and then lifts and lowers the load to the desired position with a simple button push on its control panel. The lifting trolley can easily reach the wheels in the pallet’s centre with its wider legs, removing the need for bending down and reaching to lift the tyres from the pallet. Thanks to its ease of use, the employees at Bilia Sisjön could put the trolley to work without any downtime.

Investing in a lifting solution from TAWI has paid off. Implementing the lifting trolley has allowed Martin Ståhl and his team to work more ergonomically, saving them from straining their bodies and souls and creating a better workday by the end of the day.

In conclusion, the TAWI wheel lifting trolley has helped Bilia Sisjön create a more sustainable process, enabling their staff to lift heavy wheels with ease and reducing the risk of injuries. By investing in the right lifting aid, Bilia Sisjön has taken a significant step towards improving the work environment and well-being.

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