ZoneSafe Proximity Warning System

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What is the ZoneSafe Proximity Warning System?

Accidents occur on work sites throughout the world where pedestrians work in close proximity to vehicles. Reducing collision risks and preventing accidents to people and assets on work sites is an essential health and safety requirement. However, reducing the risk of collision is not always straight forward, especially when industrial vehicles carry obstructing loads, approach from around corners of buildings and structures, or have blind spots. ZoneSafe offers people and asset protection with its range of proximity warning and alert systems. Using innovative identification and detection technologies, ZoneSafe significantly reduces the risk of accidents, injury and damage to people and assets on work sites.

Zonesafe uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to create detection zones around vehicles, assets, crossing points and walkways. Active tags can be worn by personnel, fitted to assets or setup around hazards. Tags are identified by the system when they enter the detection zone. This triggers an audible visual alert, warning vehicle operators of the tags close proximity to the vehicle. ZoneSafe tags do not require line of sight and will be detected regardless of obstructions, blind spots or poor visibility. Our technology also offers event data and near miss reporting via onboard data logging and our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Benefits of a Proximity Warning System on site?

  • People & Asset Protection 
  • Reducing Risks of Accidents, Injury & Damage 
  • A Complete Identification & Management Solution
  • Proven & Reliable Technology
  • Globally Supported Standard & Customised Solutions
  • Quick and easy to install 
  • Simple to use
  • Cost effective equipment
  • Raise safety standards within the business and be recognised for those safety standards 

For more information on the different applications and uses of ZoneSafe, visit our Safety Website Here. 

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