Travsafe Lifeline

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The Travsafe™ lifeline with its two cables is the most efficient and sophisticated lifeline on the market. Thanks to its special design, the slider easily moves past the intermediate cable brackets placed (every 15 m max.), with no need for any manual intervention. 

Three versions are now available: 
  • Standard Travsafe™ (with stainless steel shock absorber rings) 
  • Travsafe™ with two-material shock absorber ring 
  • Travsafe™ with INRS shock absorber

These three Travsafe™ lifeline versions can be used by 3 to 5 persons and are designed for installation under ceiling, on wall or floor. The anchors can be installed on any structure or by using post interfaces. The Travsafe™ lifeline is an anchoring system equipped with horizontal, flexible belaying supports which which comply with the requirements of the EN 795-C standard. 

Check out the Travsafe product demo in below video:

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