Tractel Bravo Ratchet Lever Hoist | Silver Chain

Code: 35919

 The Bravo™ ratchet lever hoist has been developed especially for lifting, pulling, securing and tensioning loads in the most extreme circumstances. The hoist has a Double Click system which doubles the accuracy of movement and guarantees safe use, by preventing shock loads. Manual overloading is virtually impossible, thanks to the handle's unique design and the gear ratio. The hoist complies with the EN 13157 standard. The Corolim® load chain, Grade 80 EN 818/7, has an inorganic coating consisting of zinc flakes in a matrix of chromate and provides excellent corrosion protection. Due to the coating process, all parts are free of hydrogen embrittlement. Since the coating contains teflon, the friction between the parts is significantly reduced. The coating works as a dry lubricant. Salt water spray resistance up to 400 hours, without signs of red rust. Heat resistance up to 280 °C, without any visible changes. Lifting height available in any required length. 

Product Specifications

  • Corolim® load chain with coating (silver). Or black chain available 
  • Easy to handle 
  • Light-weight and compact 
  • Safety catch 
  • Nyloc nuts 
  • ISO grade 80, starting from 500 kg 
  • EN 13157, starting from 500 kg 
  • Free-wheel mechanism (unloaded) 
  • Spare parts available 
  • Exclusive Tractel® design

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