Stock Picking Platform - ELEVAH 40 Move

Code: POA-WEB177

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Maximum working height: 4 meters

Handy and efficient, Elevah 40 Move Picking is the ultra-compact self-propelled picking platform that allows to carry out storage, organization and restocking of warehouses activities. Perfect to increase the level of safety and save time, it can reach a maximum working height of 4 meters. Elevah 40 Move Picking is the perfect solution for all the picking operations: the picking plate has a maximum load capacity of 100 kg and it is electrically adjustable, allowing to always keep an ergonomic position and avoid physical effort. Also available with manual picking plate (optional). Thanks to the compact size (only 71,5 x 100 cm), this model is very practical and allow to be stored in small spaces. The practical handlebar allows easy maneuvering, even in the most narrow zones, making it easier to drive from one area to another while staying in the basket. Elevah 40 Move Picking offers many advantages in terms of work optimization, but also in workplace safety. In fact, thanks to the door lock, the basket cannot be accidentally opened. 
This aspect is a real guarantee of safety for the operator who can work with ease. Moreover, to avoid unintentional activations, the handlebar is equipped with a safety device. To facilitate the operations, it is provided with an electronic and automatic parking brake. Finally, it is equipped with integrated control systems and movement lights. In the equipment and accessories section, you can find the list of all the standard components and accessories to customize your Elevah 40 Move Picking.

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