Restraint at Work Kit comes with Harness, Lanyard, Screw Karabiners

Code: FA8000100
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Code: FA8000100

Restraint kit with a harness, two steel screw karabiners and a Kernmantle rope lanyard

Restraint at Work kit

Composition of the kit FA 80 001 00 :

- a body harness FA 10 102 00
- a Kernmantle rope lanyard length 1.50 m FA 40 500 15
- two steel screw karabiners FA 50 101 17
A jute bag is supplied with this kit.

Minimalist but complete, this set must be used where there is no risk of a fall in restrain at work.

HS Code : 6307 20 90

This Restraint at Work Kit is a comprehensive solution designed to ensure safety and control in work environments where fall risk is not a concern. This minimalist yet highly effective kit equips you with the essentials needed to operate confidently and securely.

The kit includes a reliable body harness that ensures a comfortable fit and optimal functionality. Alongside this, you'll find a 1.50-meter Kernmantle rope lanyard, which offers flexibility and durability for movement while maintaining restraint. To provide secure connections, two steel screw karabiners are included, ensuring a steadfast link between components.

Designed for convenience and portability, the kit is supplied with a jute bag, making it easy to carry and store when not in use. This complete set is tailored to environments where fall protection is not necessary but restraint is crucial.

Enhance your safety measures with our Restraint at Work Kit - a purpose-built solution that prioritizes both functionality and ease of use. Ideal for scenarios where fall risk is minimal, this kit empowers you to work confidently while maintaining a high level of control.
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