Pewag VMWP Enlarged Master Link Assembly | Grade 12

Code: VMWP7/8

A load capacity according to G12, BG-approval and manufacturing according to EN 1677-4 are powerful arguments in favour of this universally usable master link assembly to create II-, III- and IV-leg chain slings for all chain dimensions.

Thanks to the flattened section on the transition links, this IV-leg assembly is also compatible with assembly types other than Connex CWP. The surface of the master link has a light blue powder coating. Refer to the table for the correct chain dimension.

 Product Description

  • Corresponds to EN 1677-4 with load capacity according to G12. For pewag winner pro connex systems. 
  • Enlarged master link assembly for assembling II-leg, III-leg and IV-leg chain slings with connecting links. 
  • Appropriation to chain dimension according to table 
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