Mobile Elevating Picking Platform Elevah 75 tyres 7.6M

Code: POA-WEB166

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Maximum Working Height: 7.60 meter

 Elevah 75 Tyres is the special stock picker designed specifically for the pneumatic sector. 
This picking platform offers the possibility to lift a complete set of tyres up to 150 kg.  Time saved and effort reduced to the minimum for the maximum efficiency: the tool allows to lift the tyres directly from the ground and to adjust the stroke length in order to move the tyres closer or further away from the operator. Moreover, the tool can also be tilted horizontally, allowing the tyres to be directly rolled on the shelf, limiting the physical effort to a minimum. These operations are also aided by the side rollers adjustable in height and width, which allow easier and quicker storage operations. The tool can reach a maximum working height of 6.30 m, while the maximum working height of 7.60 m.

The compactness - only 78 cm wide - and the zero turning radius allow the operator to work quickly and comfortably even in the most narrow areas and to drive easily with little room for maneuver. Easy and comfortable to move, it is self-propelled in height and can be driven with one hand thanks to the joystick.

In the equipment and accessories section, you can find the list of the standard components and accessories to customize Elevah 75 Tires.

  • Front, Rear And Ceiling Anti-Collision Radar
  • Basketball Block: Max. 1.95M
  • Bluespot1 And Bluespot2 (Driving Direction Signaling Light)
  • Anti-Crushing Protection Under The Basketball
More optionals:

  • Different Coloring Of Machine Upon Request 
  • Directional Locking Of Swivel Wheels 
  • Truck Loading And Unloading System

*Some products may require a longer delivery time

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