Gorbel Underhung Easy Arm

Code: POA-WEB151

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The Easy Arm® uses Gorbel®’s award winning G-Force® technology and integrates it into an articulating jib design for a turn-key plug and play lift assist device.

Easy Arm® can be observed in applications such high cycle pick and place applications, loading and unloading machine parts and working around machines or manoeuvring parts around obstructions. 

Here are some key features of  Underhung Easy Arm from Gorbel:

  • Fully Integrated with Q2 and IQ2 G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Devices
  • Includes all the features and benefits of Gorbel’s G-Force® Technology
  • Saves valuable floor space
  • For hook heights over 11’
  • Covers multiple work cells
  • 165 lb. standard capacity 


  • Frees up valuable floor space 
  • Mount to an existing bridge crane 
  • Two pivot points make it easy to reach around obstacle or into machines 
  • Unmatched precision 
  • G360™ air & electric collector swivel assembly prevents tangled cables

Available Options:

  • iQ2 unit with added intelligence features
  • Slide, pendant, or force sensing handle options 
  • Reaching into a work cell or around obstructions
  • Reaching under overhead obstructions such as exhaust hoods
  • Reaching into machines
  • High cycle pick and place
  • Loading/unloading machined parts

*Some products may require a longer delivery time

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