Clevis Safety Hook Pewag KLHW

Code: KLHW7

This clevis safety hook closes and locks automatically and has a significantly larger jaw opening than the KHSW clevis hook, which makes it much more versatile. The hook corresponds to EN 1677‑3 with the mechanical values for G10. For safety reasons, it cannot be opened while under load. Please note that the hook is suitable for straight pull only and that the load must not be placed on the tip of the hook or the safety catch. If these safety requirements are adhered to, the hook is bound to live up to its name!

Assembly is quick and easy and does not require any special tools – however, it must be performed by a competent person. The full operating manual tells you all you need to know about using this product correctly. The hook comes with BG-approval, CE-marking and exchangeable spare parts. The coupling pin and retaining pin are available as a KBSW spare parts set, as is the VLHW locking set on the back of the hook.

CodeLoad capacity [kg]EHABDGs maxWeight (Kg)StockPrice
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