Body Harness 2 Attachment Points

Code: FA1010500

Superior Quality Body harness with 2 attachment points including one on sternal strap


  • Reliable and robust design: Ensures safety and stability during elevated tasks.
  • Dual attachment points: Chest D-Ring and Dorsal D-Ring for fall arrest, preventing potential falls.
  • Adjustable shoulder and thigh-straps: Provides a snug and secure fit for all body sizes.
  • Distinct dual-color scheme: Easily differentiate shoulder and thigh-straps for correct wear.
  • Ergonomic sit-strap: Positioned for extended comfort during prolonged use.
  • Compliance with EN 361:2002 safety standard: Meets stringent safety requirements.
  • Universal size: Accommodates a wide range of users, with a maximum weight capacity of 140 kg.
  • Durable polyester straps: Ensures longevity and reliability in various work environments.
  • Strong steel buckles: Added durability and security during use.
  • Ideal for various professionals: Construction workers, window cleaners, and more.
  • Top-notch safety equipment: Invest in your safety and work with peace of mind.

Size : Universal
Weight : 1.25 kg
Strap material : Polyester
Buckles material : Steel
HS Code : 63079098
CodeMaximum User WeightMaterialStockPrice
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