Anchorage Round Sling 1.5 Metres

Code: FA6000515

Anchorage Round Sling

Anchorage Round Slings,  is a type of lifting or rigging sling designed for securing loads or providing anchor points in various industrial and safety settings, they are often used in height safety applications. These slings are typically used in conjunction with other equipment for working at heights, such as fall protection systems.

In height safety applications, These Slings can be used to create anchor points for attaching personal fall protection systems, such as lanyards or self-retracting lifelines. These slings are versatile and can be employed in various configurations to suit different anchorage situations.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the slings are crucial to identify any signs of wear or damage that could compromise their integrity and safety.


Length : 1,5 mtr
Conforms to : EN795:2012 Type B, EN 566:2017.
Static strength (as per EN 566) > 22 kN
Min. breaking strength: 30 kN.
HS Code : 63079098

Made up of 20 mm wide polyester webbing.

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