Lifting Clamps

The main function of a lifting clamp is for the positioning and transferring of material vertically or horizontally from one place to another. The load is lifted between a pair of claws or clamping jaws, which are pressed to the load by the weight of the load.

At Prolift, we offer Lifting Clamps from Terrier, who are one of the leading manufacturers of Lifting clamps in Europe. Terrier believes absolute safety and safe lifting is their number one priority. All Terrier lifting clamps are load tested at their in-house testing facilities up to 2 times the Working Load Limit (WLL). Terrier Lifting Clamps are designed on a break factor of even 5 times the WLL. 

Each clamp manufactured has red signal colouring on lifting eye and locking lever for extra safety and is supplied with a test certificate. When using Terrier clamps please make sure to read their safety instructions in the “Safe Lifting” section and the supplied user manual.
Terrier tough quality lifting clamps guarantee a high performance and a long operational life. They are maintenance-friendly and have heavy duty welded shell bodies.

We have unique range of lifting clamps suitable for almost each lifting job. If the standard clamps are not suitable for your lifting situation, please contact us via this form for a custom made solution.

Our different type of clamps includes:


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