Tractel Derope Descender & Accessories

Code: 194159

The Derope™ descent device is a controlled speed descent evacuation system. It can be used to evacuate either one person (up to 150 kg) at heights of up to 400 meters or 2 people (up to 225 kg) at heights of up to 200 meters. 

Models Available

  • STD - is descent only 
  • UP A - equipped with a recovery winch to raise or lower a casualty 
  • UP B - with winch and large mounting bracket for ladder 
  • UP K - with winch and small mounting bracket for ladder.

Model A, B and K enable an upward and downward evacuation. They include a new drill attachment option for use with 14 V 300 W drill.

*Some products may require a longer delivery time

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