Gunnebo Tensioner GT | Grade 10

Code: Z101336

The GT Chain Tensioner from Gunnebo Industries is made of light weight Grade 10 material and the ratchet handle contributes to a fast and ergonomic lashing procedure. The GT is fitted with safety pins to prevent unintended release of the threaded end fittings. 

GT has 25% increased Lashing Capacity (LC) compared to Grade 8 lashings and high standard tension force (STP) thanks to the unique ratchet handle. 

This chain tensioner is designed to be compatible with the GrabiQ product range, enabling the choice of robust end hooks with latches. Can also be provided as approved for lifting purposes. 

Product Features 

  • Short Handle - Fully protected ratchet mechanism with 8 steps per 90 degree pull
  • Open Design - For easier and faster cleaning and lubrication.
  • Trapezoidal Thread - Makes the thread less sensitive to dirt and particles 

For more information on the GT Chain Tensioner and the Chain Lashing System, see our product information download below.

CodePart NoWeight KGLashing CapacitySTFMin. LengthMax LengthStockPrice
*Some products may require a longer delivery time

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