Gunnebo Ball Bearing Lifting Points BLP | UNC Thread

Code: Z102108

 Versitile lifting point and can safely be used for most applications.

The Gunnebo Industries lifting point range provide a solution for every lifting and rigging operation, enabling improved operational efficiency. To choose the right lifting point for an operation can be a challenge, since most lifting points can be used for several purposes. Safety is our highest priority, therefore has each sold BLP been proof loaded
2.5 times the WLL.

The Ball-bearing Lifting Point (BLP) is a very versatile lifting point and suits most applications. The ball-bearing in the BLP allow the load to be easily rotated during the lift, which is especially good when maintenance is needed on heavy tools and other types of equipment. If the load surface is sensitive to impacts or scratches, the BLP is a good choice as it builds out from the load preventing the lifting equipment to cause damage. The added distance between ring and load makes the BLP an excellent choice for press tools, allowing tools to be turned and tilted. 

The housing (RFID prepared) of the BLP is in-house drop-forged for increased strength and has a hexagon shape for easy mounting and dismounting. It is also clearly marked with information such as Working Load Limit, mounting torque and manufacturer ID so it's always available to operate. 

More information on the BLP, user instructions for the BLP and a Working Load Limit table is provided in the downloads below. 

Note: In the table,  'Part No' or the letter M refers to the thread and 'L' refers to the length of the shank. 

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