Grade 10 Chain Slings

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The Flexible and Cost Efficient Chain Sling System. The Grade 10 Chain Slings are available in 1 leg, 2 leg, 3 leg or 4 leg combinations and can be made up to include different variations of the Grade 10 product range.

Benefits of the Gunnebo Grade 10 GrabiQ Chain Sling

  • Reduce the Cost - Increase the Efficiency The GrabIQ system makes your lift quicker, safer and easier. 
  • Flexibility in Field - A system designed for high usability and safety 

How does the GrabiQ system help to reduce cost and increase efficiency?

The all-inclusive chain sling system for coupling, shortening and lifting in grade 10 is designed to improve your lifting actions and make it as quick and easy as possible. Some of the top features are: 

  • Less components - cost efficient 
  • Built in shortening function 
  • Light weight for better ergonomics 

Designed for Fleability and Effeciency
  • With the all in one compact toplink, MG, every chain leg can instantly be altered.Using the built in shortening function you can alter between a straight lift to a looped sling in a matter of seconds. 
  • The C-grab duo, CGD, has a built in shortening function 
  • The MIG offers instant positioning, mounting and shortening on any part of the chain

For more information on the Grade 10 GrabiQ range, please see the downloads below. For a quote or 

*Some products may require a longer delivery time

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