Dynafor LLXH Load Indicator

Code: 193089

The DYNAFOR™ LLXH series are the industrial standard for load indicators. Extreme accuracy with full traceability: 0.2% of the maximum measuring range. In addition to the stand-alone application, the LLXH is suitable for very complex projects. Combined with monitoring software, it can be used for simultaneously reading, managing and storing measuring data from up to 8 load cells. The remote display is designed for simultaneously reading 4 load cells. We are happy to advise you on the extensive possibilities.

Product Specifications

  • 25 mm LCD display LCD with backlight 
  • Safety factor: at least 4 times WLL 
  • Units: kg, t/daN, kN/lbs, ton (US) 
  • ZigBee 2.4 GHz, default range 80 m 
  • In conformity with: CE2006/42/EC, CEM2004/108/CE, EN300/440-2 V1.1.1 
  • Protection class: IP66 
  • Remote display: IP54 
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +40 °C 
  • Test load: 2 times WLL 


  • Taring 
  • Overload indication at 10% overload 
  • Max. measured value peak mode 
  • Managing safety thresholds 
  • Storing measurements 
  • Dynamic effect filter settings 
  • Automatic shutdown 
  • Battery life (3 AA): 1,000 hours 
  • Automatic zeroing

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