Cask Barrow

Code: HI-36-CB4

Cask Barrow Lightweight cask barrow, designed to suit 9 gallon casks, the design has been the same for years, "why fix what isn't broken..." The simple curve hook grabs the rim of the cask so that there is no need for tipping the cask, reducing handling and sediment disturbance. The lightweight, yet robust frame, is fabricated from 1" tube and finished in a powder coated paint for longevity. 

Product Characteristics 

  • Wheels: Our 20mm solid Sack Truck axles can fit both traditional Pneumatic Wheels or upgrade to our Polyurethane Puncture Proof wheels. No more flat tyres or punctures increasing safety and productivity. 
  • The standard is a durable rubber grip, alternately we also supply a knuckle guard grip or a comfort foam grip. 
  • Safety Straps are also available to accompany all our sack trucks for securing taller and heavier loads.
*Please note there is a 5-6 week delivery time for this product.

For more information please see downloads attached.

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*Some products may require a longer delivery time

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