Food & Drink Business Expo 2019

Tuesday 27th August 2019

Food & Drink Business Expo Conference and Exhibition - 5th September 2019
CityWest Convention Centre, Dublin: Stand L14/M21

What is the aim of the Food & Drink Expo?

The event will highlight the key trends and challenges facing the industry, while also offering practical solutions, as well as showcasing the latest innovations, developments in best practice and new technological solutions available. An impressive list of keynote speakers has been assembled to cover topics of interest, to highlight challenges facing the industry and to suggest practical solutions. 

More than 200 exhibitors will showcase a wide variety of products and services including: 

  • Ingredients, 
  • Process Engineering, 
  • Packaging Equipment & Materials, 
  • Information Technology, 
  • Logistics, 
  • Materials Handling, 
  • Food Safety, 
  • Training & Education, 
  • Energy, 
  • Water, 
  • Waste Management, 
  • Sustainable Technology.

What are the key topics which will be discussed at the 2019 Food and Drink Expo? 

  • Brexit
  • The Meat & Dairy Sustainability Challenge
  • Consumer Behaviours and Trends 
  • How to Scale a Food Business 
  • Regulations/Food Safety/Food Fraud

Why are Prolift exhibiting at this years event? 

Food and drink manufacturing is Ireland's most important indigenous industry with a turnover of about €28 billion. The value of Irish food, drink and horticulture exports reached €12.1 billion in 2018 according to Bord Bia's Export Performance and Prospects 2018/2019 report. 

As the food and drink industry continues to rise, the products used in the manufacturing process to ensure safety and time-efficiency is becoming more important. Prolift Handling who are the largest supplier of lifting and material handling equipment in Ireland believe in helping customers to find solutions. The solutions we provide are quality driven, promote safety in the workplace as well as time and cost efficiency. We can find solutions for:

  • Incoming food products: to streamline the receival of incoming goods with efficient material handling equipment designed to handle food products. 
  • Food processing - Streamline your workflow with solutions for efficient and reliable material handling in food and beverage processing, safely handling everything from raw food products to sacks of ingredients.
  • Packaging and Palletizing: Safe and time-efficient packaging and palletizing of food products is easily achieved with our wide range of pallet handling equipment and vacuum systems

Some of the products we supply include

  • TAWI Vacuum Lifters
  • TAWI  Material Handling Trollies
  • TAWI Mobile Order Picker
  • Palomat Pallet Dispensers
  • Pallet Invertors
  • Jihab Lift Tables
  • Lifting Accessories (clamps, magnets and lifting points)
  • Clean room, food grade and stainless steel lifting solutions
  • Height Safety Equipment - Lifelines and confined space equipment

Come visit our stand, L14/M21 for more information on our products and services and lets start doing business today! Registration is FREE, simply follow the link below and use the code FDBEXPO19. We look forward to seeing you on the 5th September in Citywest, Dublin. 

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