Construction Safety Week 2019

Monday 14th October 2019

The construction industry federation Construction Safety Week 2019 takes place from 21st of October until 25th October. Their primary aim is to promote working safely together in the construction industry. This week is an opportunity to reflect on aspects of safety, health and overall well being and to promote its importance throughout the workforce. 

Construction Safety Week 2019 aims to focus on 5 main points

1. Mental health and wellbeing in construction

2. Working safely with electricity
3. Working safely at height
4. Vehicle risk & safety in lifting operations
5. Working safely with hazardous substances

Health and safety is one of the most important concepts to consider before any project is undertakenEnsuring that every aspect of health and safety has been considered before progressing with a project could save the lives of site workers and prevent injuries to vehicle operators and pedestrians alike. A serious workplace injury or death changes lives forever- for families, friends, communities, co-workers and business owners too.

The construction sector had the third highest number of fatalities in 2018 with 5 fatal workplace injuries. Although this number has decreased significantly over the past 10 years, with the HSA having reported 15 fatalities in 2008, there have been 6 fatal workplace injuries in the construction sector for 2019 thus far. While the increase in number of workers in the construction industry has been a contributing factor to the rise in fatalities, the lack of health and safety knowledge is a more detrimental factor.  (source:

In 2018 there was also an increase of 8% in the total workforce of the construction industry. This was an increase of 10,600 people and brings the total construction workforce to 145,500. Investment in the construction industry is expected to reach €41 billion in 2023 which will increase the number of workers in the construction industry, some of which may still be in training or only starting out their careers. 

The increase in knowledge and equipment in site safety and the change in health and safety regulations and requirements around this area have helped to decrease the number of fatalities across all economic sectors in Ireland, however, this can still be improved. At Prolift Handling we offer a large range of safety equipment including the ZoneSafe Proximity Warning & Alert System, the Tractel height safety range and the ladders and access products. We also carry out inspections, tests and repairs on our products to help ensure safety on site for workers.

To promote Construction Safety Week 2019, we are offering 20% off all height safety equipment online orders and the opportunity to avail of a free trial of the ZoneSafe Proximity Warning & Alert System. 

If you would like to reduce the risks and hazards on construction sites and improve the safety, health and wellbeing of your workers then please contact us on 01-4584836 or to see how our products can help you do this. 

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