Height Safety Equipment

Height safety equipment ( PPE ) is considered to be any equipment involved In the suspension, restraint or fall arrest of a person working at height. Our range of work at height safety equipment have been designed to reduce the risk of falls and ensure the safety of a worker when working at heights. Prolift only sell quality European manufactured equipment ( PPE ) that meets or exceed all EN standards related to the product and application. 

Prolift Handling have a large supply of height safety equipment including:

Health and safety is one of the most important concepts to consider before any project is undertaken. Ensuring that every aspect of health and safety has been considered before progressing with a project could save the lives of site workers and prevent injuries to vehicle operators and pedestrians alike. A serious workplace injury or death changes lives forever- for families, friends, communities, co-workers and business owners too. Learn about common mistakes that can occur while working at heights here

Fall from height remains the highest accident trigger for worker and non-worker fatalities with 14.3% of fatalities in 2015 being a result of this. Misusing or lack of use of height safety equipment is still dominating the economic sector, but is the risk really worth it?  Our Tractel height safety equipment  range have been invented to help minimise this risk and comes in all shapes and sizes to help improve comfort and accessibility for the user.

We also carry out inspections, tests and repairs on Heigh safety equipment to help ensure safety on site for workers.

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