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Lift and Shift Division


At Prolift Handling we offer professional lifting advice and supervision to all industry sectors

We specialise in heavy lifting, lift study preparation, methodology preparation and job safety analysis. We offer qualified professional supervision and advice in planning heavy lift management. We can also review lifting plans as an independent company, giving a cold eyes review.

As lifting professionals, our commitment to safety is of very high importance. We believe in a high degree of planning and safety is set at the highest level. Our team can visit your site and offer reports on lifting activities and levels of efficiencies and safety and also offer advice on crane selection for the lifting requirements on your project.

David McElhinney is the principal consultant for Prolift Handling. He has 24 years experience servicing the construction industry specializing in heavy lifting. He has worked on mining operations offshore, major projects in Australia and overseas, petrochemical construction and shutdowns. He also has an extensive rigging background offering sound advice on lifting solutions.

A highly specialised business

Machine moving and factory relocation is a highly specialised business, involving the movement of both costly and sensitive equipment, often over long distances. Each factory movement is unique and necessitates a consultation period with the customer to discuss the most efficient methods of removing equipment, while minimising any loss of production time. Following a site visit, Prolift specialists will advise on the costs and methods of carrying out the relocation and the siting of machinery. A team of fully supervised engineers, including riggers, fitters and technicians will dismantle, package and containerise the machinery, as required.

Prolift machine moving service ranges from the installation of a single piece of machinery or equipment into a local site to the international relocation of a complete factory.

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